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The base WordPress URL structure is customisable from Settings → Permalinks. In which you can change the global permalink settings for pages, posts categories and tags.

A permalink is the full URL address for any page, post or other pieces of content on your website. As its name suggests, a permalink is supposed to remain unchanged for long periods—a permanent link.

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You can use the WordPress Media Library to add images, videos and audio files into the different posts and pages across your website.

The WordPress Media Library is a gallery of uploaded files used across your website. It offers the ability to view, edit and manage all the media assets from one location.

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A WordPress Cron is a scheduled task that should run at a fixed time interval.

You can think of a WordPress Cron as your websites reminder to perform a task or function at a fixed time. The tasks that a WordPress Cron will trigger mostly consist of database optimisations such as clearing old auto-saved posts or checking if your plugins need updating.

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Plugins add new functionality to your WordPress website, while a theme will define how it looks. In this guide, we’ll outline, “How are WordPress Themes and Plugins different?”

If you’re starting with WordPress, you may have run into the terms “plugins” and “themes” and wondered what the difference is. Well, you’re not alone, it’s not uncommon for WordPress newcomers to confuse plugins and themes for one another.

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WordPress is a great platform that’s always looking to the future, which is fantastic. It means that WordPress site owners can look forward to new features, faster load times and heightened security.  

The only downside is having to update WordPress to see those new benefits. Often-times WordPress site managers will choose not to update; after all “it’s working fine”. We’re going to talk you through the ins-and-outs of updating WordPress and why you must keep your website up to date.

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What is a WordPress plugin? A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that once installed onto a WordPress website will extend its functionality and add new features.

The scale of a WordPress plugin can range from small, tweaks and enhancements like adding a contact form; up to huge features like transforming a website into a fully-featured eCommerce store.

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Powering over 30% of all websites on the internet WordPress is the biggest and one of the most popular content management system around. Part of its popularity comes from how easy it is to install.

With this guide, even a WordPress novice can install a fresh copy of WordPress in a few minutes.

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WordPress is a simple and accessible tool for building websites without needing to know how to code.

WordPress makes it effortless for everyone to create a professional-looking online presence while being flexible enough for the website to grow along with the creator.

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