Sell to Continents
for WooCommerce

Effortlessly limit the selling or shipping of your products to specific continents.

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Set all the countries to sell to in under 20 seconds.

Want your WooCommerce store to only sell to countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, North America or Antarctica?

You could manually enter each county one by one, or you can download the Sell to Continents for WooCommerce plugin and get the job done in an instant.


Check out the documentation for the Sell to Continents for WooCommerce plugin.

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The little utility that could…

The Sell to Continents for WooCommerce plugin is a very small utility tool that we built for one of our clients. We’re happy for anyone to download and use it as they need, for free.

You’re not required to pay for this plugin, the additional payment option is only for those looking to spread the love a little.

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