Unlimited Development, Optimisation & Support for one monthly fee!

Have you ever wanted a web guy that could handle everything on your website? How about an agency that actually cared about your success? Well, your long search is over.

We know what it’s like working with agencies, they can be unresponsive and a little tad money hungry when it comes to small tweaks and changes. We’re different! Our Ultimate Digital Solution was created to keep things simple. That is, you tell us to do something and we do it! No extra costs, no needless haggling. It just gets done.

Everything you need to
for an excellent website

Unlimited Support

Ask us anything, at anytime and we’ll help however we can.

Unlimited Development

Want a new feature? No problem we’ll code it up, and add it in.

Unlimited Web Design

Want a landing page designed? Sure, our team will design and code it.

Unlimited Optimisation

We’ll constantly be optimising your site for search engines, speed and customer conversions.

Unlimited Analytics

We’ll constantly be looking at your performance and making tweaks to improve your site.

Unlimited Advice

Have an idea, or need some website advice? Yup! Shoot us a message.

Everything for only £1000 a month!

Did we mention? It’s month-to-month, so there’s no minimum commitment.

£1000 a month, that’s like £30 a day! Compare that to the typical agency cost of £50-100 an hour. See how much you’ve been overpaying.

Oh, and you get access to hundreds of premium plugins, site backups and reporting. Not to mention weekly blog posts and constant SEO.

Are you ready to save hundreds of thousands of pounds and gain back the hours of time you’re currently spending in the WordPress dashboard?

Let’s chat!

Here are some of the things we do.

But in reality the list is endless, send a request and we’ll do it.

  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Development
  • Unlimited Web Design
  • Unlimited SEO
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited content addition
  • Unlimited Image Optimisation
  • Unlimited Speed Optimisation
  • Unlimited Advice
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Monthly SEO report
  • Monthly Newsletter Email
  • Monthly face-to-face
  • Weekly Search Ranking report
  • Weekly blog post creation
  • Weekly Social Media Posts
  • Daily progress reports
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Web hosting included
  • Honest & Friendly team

Have questions? Get Started for only £1000!

How it works

We like keeping things simple.

Send us a request, and we’ll do it!

Simplicity is key; once you submit a request by phone, email or live chat; we’ll add it to your queue; which we work our way through.

You can submit as many requests as you’d like and we’ll do them as soon as we can. Usually, the same day. After a request’s completed, we’ll give you a call or shoot over an email to let you know.

Daily, weekly & monthly tasks

We have a list of SEO, security and optimisation tasks that we’ll complete in the absence of any request. Which means no matter what you’ll be getting your monies worth and more.

From our repeating tasks, we’ll optimise your website for speed and SEO, while also tweaking page’s to convert your users into customers better. Think of it as an in-house agency constantly looking at your website and improving it.

Reports and meet-ups

Keeping you informed is our responsibility, each month we’ll consolidate all the work we’ve done, how it’s affected the website, and how your site is performing into one simple document.

The document will also contain any ideas we’ve had for your site, your current search rankings and a summarised version of your Google Analytics.

Along with the monthly report, we’d like to invite you to attend a face-to-face to plan the coming weeks content and go through new ideas and recommendations we have for your site.

Unlimited Support

Need an image changed, page created or text edited? No problem, it’s what we’re here for.

Unlimited Web Design

Want a new landing page? Maybe a re-design of an existing page?

Unlimited Updates

Each month we’ll update your websites plugins.

Weekly Social Media

Each week, we’ll post a relevant blog article to your social media accounts.

Web Hosting

We’ll host your website and emails on our servers, which are really fast.

Unlimited Development

New features on your website, or bespoke tools to improve productivity.

Unlimited SEO

We’ll constantly be optimising code, content and site structure.

Unlimited Advice

Wondering if technology could solve a problem?

Weekly Blog Posts

Every week, we’ll create a relevant SEO rich blog post for your website.

Monthly Reports

A full report of everything we’ve done and how your website is performing.

Get results from your website

You’ll be in great company…

5+ hours saved per day

He just gets it and is able to understand our commercial and operational objectives in a way that I have not seen with previous web developers we have used.

NickThe Dorset Meat Company

Hacked website repaired

I would recommend to anyone experiencing any kind of website problems and will 100% be returning to them should any problems arise in the future! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Web hosting & optimisation

Top in service. Top in customer service. Top in technical issues. Highly recommended and I look forward to continue working with the Duck.

Horst ichinenbridport.com

Your questions answered.

We’ll maybe? If you have any others then feel free to ask.

Our aim is to offer the most complete digital package around! So, our Ultimate Digital Solution is a mixture of all our services into one.

That means that anything we list on any of our services is included:

Web Design

Web Development

WordPress Support


Sure, you can get a completely new website from our Ultimate Digital Solution.

We’d have to break it up into smaller requests to work our way through, but that’s not really any different to how anyone would go about completing a complex task.

You can submit as many requests as you’d like each month, and we don’t cap the number of hours we dedicate to you either.

We can usually complete around 2-3 requests a day for you. Depending on size and complexity. If you find that’s not quite enough then feel free to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to add an extra pair of hands to your account.

Tasks can be as complex as you need.

A general rule of thumb is a task should be completable within 30 minutes. But all that really means is we’ll break down complex tasks into smaller manageable chunks.

Our average turn around is 1 business day.

This depends on a few factors. A well-written description goes a long way to getting a request completed quickly and hassle-free.

Of course, we’re a WordPress agency who uses WooCommerce all the time.

Along with WooCommerce we also support its multitude of plugins and extensions. Basically, if it runs on WordPress then we’ll support it.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Although we’ve worked with many platforms ranging from Drupal to custom-built systems, WordPress is the one we have the most experience with. So, we don’t feel comfortable offering a support package for something we don’t fully understand ourselves.

We try to avoid saying no to requests. If in doubt submit the request and we’ll try and help any way we can.

If you do come across something that we can’t do, we’re happy to find someone who can and liaise with them on your behalf.

Yes, unlike most agencies we’re not money-hungry, £1000 is more than enough to cover our costs and make a small profit.

Try us out, it’s free!

You’ve made it this far.???? Why not see what our web agency can do!

What have you got to lose? by having a quick chat?

Some awesome reasons to work with us.
  • Website security enhancements
  • Search engine optimised
  • Speed optimised
  • Quality design & development
  • Clear, concise communication
  • Our years of expertise, just a message away.
  • A great cup of coffee. (Maybe, 50% of the time.).