Business feature enhancements for online meat retailer.

We worked with The Dorset Meat Company to optimise their order fulfilment workflow and save them over five hours a day.

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5 hours saved every day!

5% increase in conversions

About the company

The Dorset Meat Company was founded on the ideals of high-quality, free-range meat. And by working with small, family-run farms based in Dorset and Wiltshire, they know all their products meet their high standards.

Not only do they boast 100% grass-fed meats, but everything is the comes from local, sustainable sources.

The problem

When The Dorset Meat Company reached out to us, they were in a bit of a bind. They were getting orders from their website but managing them took a considerable amount of time.

Over five hours every day! It was clear to them that they needed something to cut that down. They needed a tool that would generate a list of all the products that they needed to source from their suppliers for any particular delivery date.

Everywhere they went said they couldn’t do it! Leaving Nick, one of the founders with two choices keep on looking or hire another pair of hands. He decided to get in touch with us, and we immediately knew how to handle it.

Our solution

On the surface, the solution is pretty simple. The customer makes an order, and it adds the products to a list. But, nothing is ever that cut and dry.

The Dorset Meat Company value freshness, and quality. So, all their meats are prepared to order, which meant that our solution had to take the preparation time, delivery options and delivery times into account. If we didn’t, then customers could get some less than delicious products, or it could end sitting in a freezer for a few days.

The considerations

We needed to create a tool that could be flexible to match The Dorset Meat Companies unique process. So, we had to consider:

  1. The customers delivery option (shipping or collection).
  2. Delivery times (if the customer-selected shipping).
  3. The preparation times for the products
  4. The days that Nick would pick up the products from his suppliers.

Delivery date selection

To get started, we knew that the delivery day of the order was essential. And at this point, the website didn’t allow customers to select a delivery date, but they could if they phoned up. Which would have caused problems, since the date on the system would have been different from the one the customer change it to.

The only way to solve the problem was to add delivery date selection to the website; this also had to consider the customers chosen; shipping method. For example, an order for collection could be picked up on a Wednesday, whereas delivery could never select Wednesday. So, we added it and did away with a confusing table on the checkout page.

The left shows the old table, and to the right is the new date picker.

Picklist generator

After adding the delivery date picker, we had everything we needed to create our picklist generation tool, and save Nick an insane amount of time each day.

We coded up the new tool, and with Nick’s help tested it relentlessly, to ensure that it was consistently 100% correct. Check it out, a five hour a day task turned into push of a button.

The Result

With both the delivery date picker and the picklist generation tool, we managed to save Nick over five hours of admin work every day, as well as improved the websites conversions by 5%.

5 hours saved every day!

5% increase in conversions

What The Dorset Meat Company said!

“I have been working with Toby for over a year and he has delivered significant improvements to our online presence in a very short time. He just gets it and is able to understand our commercial and operational objectives in a way that I have not seen with previous web developers we have used. It’s a really important relationship and he adds a whole lot of value. I would highly recommend him.”

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