About our Dorset based web agency

We’re not salespeople and why would we want to be?

Our promise never to sell anything that won’t benefit you. We love what we do, and that’s growing your business so selling for the sake of a quick quid, just isn’t us.

About our Website Design Agency, Digital Duck
We’re a pair of highly motivated, friendly and Honest Web Developers.

We’re web experts with a passion for exceptional service.

We aim to provide the best service ever and to accomplish our goal we’ll go above and beyond your expectations, every time.

Our project process is designed to get results, we won’t just make you a website and leave. We’re here for the long run. Happy to listen, discuss and advise on anything you need; even if it’s not digital related.

Your digital team

Our web experience combined adds up to more than 13 years and in our opinion thats perfect. It’s enough to know the ins and outs, while also being young enough to keep up with the latest trends, and technologies.

Toby Osborne, Founder of Digital Duck
Toby Osborne

Founder of Digital Duck

Hi, I’m Toby, the founder here at Digital Duck.

I’ve come from a background in web development, with over five years lead developer experience for a well known web design agency.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a salesperson. I don’t have the “gift of the gab” and likely never will.

What I do have is an honest personality and the motivation to help any way I can.

Kacper, Digital Duck Project Manager
Kacper Jednorowicz

Web Developer

I’m Kacper, an optimistic, energetic and friendly web developer.

I gained two years web development experience straight out of six-form; which pairs well with the 6 years I spent managing servers for the business that I started while in school.

About Digital Duck

Founded in May of 2018, Digital Duck’s primary goal is to help Dorset businesses take full advantage of their website through unique, customer-friendly design and incredible digital planning.

We offer everything from bespoke web design to ongoing website support, analytics and search engine optimisation and that’s just the start.

We see everyone as a good friend looking for some help and we’re the kinds of people who will do anything for our friends.

Have any questions? You’re just a short away from starting your project.