Websites on a budget, how to ensure quality

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, your website will define you. For many it acts as a first impression, so your site’s a pretty big deal.

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Hi, I’m Toby, a web developer with over eight years experience. My professional goal is to educate businesses in the use of technology to streamline their workflow.

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Many local businesses are in the mindset that they don’t need a website, or “anything will do”; but why is that? In this era of fast-paced technology, why would anyone avoid online marketing? Well, go back nine words and then read three. “Fast-paced Technology”.

It’s true, digital marketing and web trends change so fast that it becomes a full-time job to keep up. For local businesses that’s not an option, sure they can hire an agency, but they cost. So what options are there?

Website builders

I’ve mentioned it a lot, but website builders and the DIY Website trend is growing more and more. In fact, many of you may have used Squarespace or Wix to create your own sites.

Both platforms are cheap and offer an easy way to get online, yet they come with hefty time investment. You’ll have to make it yourself, which let’s be honest you’re no web designer.

That’s not to say you’ll create an awful looking website. But I’ve found that being too close can create a fog of usability that doesn’t really exist.
You know that the “Useful” link takes the customer to a list of extra information. Your visitors don’t have the same luxury and will ignore the page altogether.

Wow, I come across as a bit of a jerk there, don’t get me wrong website builders are a useful tool for small businesses. But I’d recommend paying for a day of a web agencies time to go through and test the site from an impartial perspective.

Pay Monthly Websites

Sure, site builders are cheap, but as I mentioned it takes a lot of your time, and you’re likely too close to the project.

So, what other options do you have? Something that provides agency level quality, an affordable price and doesn’t take months.

You’re in luck because a new service by ParrotClicks offers “pay monthly website” which handles everything.

For £35 a month you can get a high-quality website, that you never need to worry about and best of all it can be up within 48 hours.

Here are the benefits of ParrotClicks

  • Only £35 a month
  • Be online within 48 hours
  • Professional designs
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • No extra costs
  • Unlimited content changes done for you
  • Security & Maintenance included

Well, they have a full list, so check it out.

It’s the ultimate time-saving, cost-effective approach to getting online. You can have it done in two days and leave it.

How do pay monthly website work?

Well, it’s quite simple. Themes, an age-old method often abused by less than genuine web agencies.

As a bespoke web agency, we don’t use any themes here at Digital Duck. Our belief is a website should meet a business’s unique requirements.

Remember when you got a quote of £350 for a website, yep you guessed it; they’re using themes. One that they likely paid £50 for 3 years ago.
We don’t mind websites using themes, it’s when web agencies try and hide the fact, that we get a little antsy.

Which is why ParrotClicks has gained my respect, they’re not trying to hide. They’re not trying to extend deadlines to make more money.
Instead, they’ve embraced their process, and the result is an honest service, with quality work. It’s perfect for small or startup businesses.

For the best results, I’d go for a bespoke agency like ours. But as a starting point, you can’t go wrong with ParrotClicks.

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