Website Research

We take research seriously. Looking at what motivates your customers, we’ll create a full digital strategy to ensure your project is a success.

Design by Knowledge

Taking a digital perspective, we’ll research the best ways to get your website to where it needs to be.

Customer Goals, Competitor analysis and keyword research, are just a few of the things we’ll look at while planning your perfect web strategy.

Toby & Kacper researching the best digital strategy.

Plan by experience

Using your current website analytics and publicly available data; we’ll create a unique document outlining who, how and when people look for your services.

Using your existing websites analytics will show us where we can improve.

Your customers discovered

Building upon everything we know about your target audience, we’ll consider the best ways to make their experience effortless and enjoyable.

Our plan will describe what your customers want to see, when they want to see it, and the best way to show it.

Knowing your customers can boost website conversion exponentially.

The competition Exposed

We’ll go through your competitor’s websites, taking note of the good and bad aspects. Providing an insight into how others are handling a similar audience and how we can do it better.

We’ll also look at the keywords and paid advertising they use to reach customers and create a solution to get you ahead.

Looking at your competitors gives us an understanding of where they struggle, meaning we won't make the same mistakes as them.

Keywords & Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is key to being found online, and the best way to succeed is through targeted keywords and backlinks.

Keywords are terms and phrases that your customers will search to find your business and services.

Backlinks are links from other influential websites to your own; a little like a “referral on the web”.

We’ll research the keywords your customers use to find your products and plan how you can start getting found on Google.

Getting found on Google comes down to serval factors. The two biggest our Keywords and Backlinks.

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What our customers say

I have been working with Toby for over a year and he has delivered significant improvements to our online presence in a very short time. He just gets it and is able to understand our commercial and operational objectives in a way that I have not seen with previous web developers we have used. It’s a really important relationship and he adds a whole lot of value. I would highly recommend him.  

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Website Design


With a customer first approach we’ll create mockups of your new website. The goal; to create a delightful experience that your customers will love.